Each month, receive a seductive box of freshly made chocolates.


Always, fresh and natural ingredients.


Our unparalleled passion for chocolate shared with you. 



Delicious, dark, antioxidant rich chocolate at the comfort of your home.


A sample of our recent chocolate subscription featuring single origin cacao from Madagascar.

Complimentary flavors highlight and accent the natural flavors of fine cacao.


Citrus Zest+Mango Praline

Lemon and pomelo rind is squeezed just above the warm dark chocolate ganache, infusing the flavors of aromatic essential citrus oils. Mango puree and honey is blended in with the to highlight floral notes in madagascan cacao.


Grenache Wine+Sour Cherry

Wine made with 100% red grenache grapes is macerated with sour cherries and blended with 75% dark chocolate. Wine and chocolate are both fermented foods, creating complex flavor compounds, making them a natural pair.


Madagascan Single Origin 

An au naturale truffle made with Domori 72% Madagascan chocolate from the Sambirano Valley. Using revolutionary chocolate grinding techniques, Domori produces a minimally processed cacao, allowing the characteristic tart berry and red fruit notes to shine through.


Burnt Sugar+Bourbon Vanilla

Sugar is caramelized until very dark, and combined with bourbon vanilla infused cream, dark and milk chocolate. As the caramel gets darker, new flavor compounds are created as it decreases the sweetness.


The Chocolatier's Tasting Subscription



A seductive box of freshly made chocolates, bon bons, and truffles, made fresh by our chocolatier, and shipped directly to you! Receive a 10 piece box at the end of each month highlighting different themes, flavors and single origins. Each box includes tasting notes and stories from the chocolatier describing what makes each chocolate unique.


  • 10 piece handcrafted chocolate tasting box

  • Tasting notes from the chocolatier 

  • Wine, tea, and coffee recommendations

  • Free shipping! Cancel at any time!

Order by the 15th to receive chocolates on the same month. Subscriptions arrive at the end of each month.


Chocolate tastes even better when you enjoy it with someone special!

Looking for a perfect accompaniment to your chocolates? Each month, our guide will tell you which tea, coffee, and wine that best complement your monthly box. Share with a special friend to make a perfect chocolate picnic!